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A Sophisticated Method to Procrastination

My innate desire to consume everything is slowly killing me. And I'm only beginning to understand what it means. No matter how many educational content that I consumed, I feel no closer to being educated.

There is nothing that I despise more than vanity. But lately it seems that it is the only thing that I can see in my own reflection. I have nothing, yet I feel like I own everything. This life of mine is not actually mine. I have nothing. I am nothing.

To inflict wound against oneself is to act in rebellion against this cruel world. That is what I want to believe. Lies that I told to myself every second. This piece of writing that I make does not actually mean anything. It is empty. Just another way to prolong the inevitable.

I want to fall in love. The feeling is unmatched. To be obsessed in all of the minutia, the memento, the adrenaline. A desire. A craving need for acceptance. My own flesh in front of the mirror. A fleeting happiness that was never meant to be. I am what I m…

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